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What began as a young man's drive to help people, especially the less privileged, children and women in society grew quickly into a foundation committed to helping people realize their full potential.  

Girls Go Digital

Girls Go Digital Van

Mobile Computer E-literacy Lab.

The Girls Go Digital Van project  is an innovative  and self sustaining project that  will  brings easy access to isolated and disadvantaged groups in rural areas without Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) training centers, electricity and proper educational infrastructure that supports Science ,Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) training,
The Mobile ICT van will travel to rural communities and support over 10,000 children,young adults and adults in Ghana.  

Leadership Development Training

Leadership Development Training

Soaring and Sustaining Youth Leadership

The leadership development training program is being facilitated by the People of African Descent Institute in the united States of America the aim of the project is  to provide individual and organizational leadership development training  in Ghana and Africa.

Supporting Rural Schools with laptop

Rural Schools Support

Scholarships * Laptops for schools *ICT tools

The rural School project is designed to support 21st century, brain-friendly learning, and improve academic performance through content-driven collaboration. Educational scholarship, Teachers-Tech training workshops. 

We are also supporting undeserved  rural schools with, computer labs, laptops,websites, management software's. we also provide schools with cultural exchange programs etc...

1 Africa Network - We are building a New Africa

1-Africa Network

Africans helping Africans

The project supports African-led development that grows community enterprises by providing youth lead organizations with Business tools, Websites, ICT Tools, Seed capital and Technical support.

Projects Supported so far:
MediaMix Express- Serra Lone
Glroyhill Foundation-Ghana
Melethseymedia- Nigeria 
ICTretreat- Nigeria
PhilanthropAfrica- Ghana
O.A.K Foundation -Ghana
Geoheads Foundation  -Ghana
Webykids Girls In Tech - Ghana

Supporting rural schools without ICT tools

Rural Kids in Tech 

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The rural kids in tech project promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in rural Ghana. STEM disciplines has always been dominated by advantaged children and young adults in Urban Ghana. While the  underprivileged in rural Ghana are not supported with STEM infrastructure and this discourages them from studying in the STEM discipline, Our weekly,monthly and yearly camp for rural Schools and communities enable us provide practical training's for these rural kids.

Science Fair 2015

NextGreens Project

Helping solve climate change  

The NextGreens is led by youth between the ages of 15 to 35 years, This youth led project seeks to preserve and restore natural areas and open space, protect rivers and watersheds, One of our main objectives is to  promote stewardship of our environment. Our yearly activities include  National inter- schools  Recycle fairs, Science and Green Fairs,Tree planting, Green tours projects  among others. 

W.a.s.hAfrica Project

Supporting rural communities with internet

The water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project seeks to address pressing water, sanitation and hygiene issues in Africa, We also provide long-term sustainable development through training's, workshops, seminars.
we also support rural girls and women with health packs,among others 

Eagle's Award 2017

Rewarding outstanding contribution

The Eagles Community awards are presented to young  African citizens aged 15–35, Our aim is to showcase the work of outstanding young people who are leading initiatives ranging from poverty alleviation to peace building, promoting and enhancing democracy and development. 
Our Support package for all the winners will motivate others.



Our hard work,dedication and constant passion to helping create a better world for all, has won the Eagle  Foundation numerous international awards and nominations over the years, In 2015 the founder was short-listed for the Ghana -UK Based Achievement awards 2015 -(humanitarian category) and also a nominee for the most prestigious African award . The Future Awards Africa, has been described by the World Bank as “The Nobel Prize for young Africans” and FORBES International as the “most important youth awards”, is targeted at recognizing young Africans doing incredible work in various fields; with 11 categories including the ultimate prize.   Learn more